KPC Bio-Filter

Biofilter Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Systems

For Single Dwellings

KPC Biofilter Treatment Plant, which has been constructed to give many years of trouble free operation.

Concrete has an expected lifespan in excess of fifty years. However, mechanical components; subject to normal wear and tear, will require replacement within this time.

How it Works

Kilkenny Precast Bio Filter
Kilkenny Precast Bio Filter
Kilkenny Precast Concrete - Sewage Treatment System

KPC Biofilter Treatment plant is a biological treatment unit, requiring the growth of aerobic bacteria i.e. bacteria that lives with oxygen, for this air is continuously blown into the B.A.F Filter in the aeration chamber.

As seen in the drawings, primary chamber manhole has air vent cast into lid. This acts as air vent plus lifting slot. De-sludging is carried out through this manhole only. Manhole lids should never be left off. This manhole should not be covered at any time. The unit should be positioned, or marked, or protected, to prevent superimposed loading or accidental impact by vehicles.

The air compressor is housed in a green box, sitting within the lid of the tank.

This green box should never be covered, as air vents for the compressor are located on both sides underneath the lid. The plastic lid should never be left off the blower box.

N.B. All the rest of the lid can be covered.


Kilkenny Pre-Cast Biofilter is constructed of high strength fibre reinforced concrete. With an overall capacity of 5350 litres. As a result it requires minimal desludging. Treats domestic wastewater from dwellings with population a equivalent to 8 persons.


Unlike some plastic sytems the concrete tank will not rise or crush when groundwater rises and clay expands during inclement weather. Furthermore, there is no requirement for concrete backfilling around our tanks – simply backfill with clay – a considerable saving.

CE Mark of Conformity

What can it Handle

Normal use of detergents will not affect the bacteria. However, in line with E.P.A. recommendations the use of phosphates in washing powders should be discontinued in favour of Zeolite. So look for the eco-label or check the contents of your washing powder and help the environment by cutting down on the use of phosphates. Do not allow rain water or surface water enter the plant.

Do not allow large quantities of water softener regenerate:

  • Oil or grease
  • Photographic chemicals
  • White spirits or paint
  • Dyes

Do not allow disposal of non bio-degradable or bulk materials such as:

  • Nappies
  • Sanitary towels
  • Similar products

Maintenance Recommendations:

The primary chamber will eventually build up a high sludge level, and our maintenance personnel will advise you when desludging is required – every 2 to 3 years.

Air Vent:
Check that the vent is clear on desludging manhole also air vents under green box lid are clear.

Surface Water:
Check if periods of very wet weather that surface water is not collecting in the area of the treatment plant if so this must be diverted away from both the plant and percolation area.

Control Panel:
Underground armoured cables take power from your houses to the treatment plant.

ELC B circuit breaker may trip due to power cut or lightening interference, so check panel from time to time.

Faults and what you can do:

  • If the air blower should fail, it could be a damaged diaphragm, there is a built in safety devise that cuts off the electricity supply, this saves the motor and indicates as a red light on the control panel. Contact K.P.C. if the breaker stays up and the blower does not function
  • If the sump pump should fail. There is a secondary float/high level alarm that will be activated. This is indicated as a buzzer sound in the control panel. Turn switch to mute and contact K.P.C.

Buzzer will sound only in the case of pumped discharged plants.

Every care has been taken in the design and manufacture of your treatment plant.

Electricially the unit and the controller have been designed to comply with E.T.C.I. rules and it has its own earth leakage devices plus circuit breakers.

Kilkenny Precast Concrete offer a maintenance contract, which we strongly recommend to avail of. Maintenance will ensure proper function and long life span of all mechanical components.