Trowel Ready Mortar

This product is produced in a modern computerised mixing plant and delivered to site in quality and quantity to suit customer’s requirements. It holds the required properties of cohesiveness and workability for its specific retardation period in the delivery containers but starts to set as it loses water into the surrounding material during use.

The Mortar/Plaster complies with BS.4721 Ready Mixed Building Mortars – reference tables 3 & 4.  Designation III Mortar is normally supplied for common Block/Brick work and internal undercoat plaster. Designation II plaster is normally supplied for external plastering and some high strength block or brick work.

Mortar and plaster are available with a life of 2 days from time of delivery in the 1/3m2 containers.

Supplied Ready to use
Improves productivity
Better jointed block/brick work as a result of better adhesion,
Consistent quality and less waste
No initial set up cost

CE Performance Cert

Instructions For Use

  1. The addition of water or other material may effect the colour, strength and or texture of the product
  2. Use only within specified retardation period.
  3. Extreme caution must be exercised when using mortar or plaster with components of low absorption which includes saturated walls, blocks/bricks, engineering brick or natural stone etc.
  4. Pre-dampen the surface of high absorbent components and walls to assist bond.
  5. Prior to plastering scud entire area to a depth of 3 to 5 mm. Undercoats should be scratched to a sufficient depth and regularly to provide good adhesion for the following coat. Allow previous coat to dry before applying further coat.
  6. Protect freshly built walls and plaster against severe weather.
  7. All design details and workmanship should comply with the following:
    Mortar:-B.S. 5628 Part 3 1985
    Plaster:-B.S. 5262 1990 for external render, B.S. 5492 1990 for internal plaster.

Skip Use
Skips should only be lifted by placing a fork in the handle or recess provided, any other way is dangerous. Kilkenny Pre-Cast Concrete Ltd. Will not be responsible for any claim whatsoever, whether in respect of any personal claim injury to site employees, agents, third parties or the general public or in respect to any damage to property arising out of the misuse or non use of skips on site. The weight of a full skip of mortar is approx. 600kgs.

Kilkenny Pre-Cast Concrete Ltd. Does it’s best to ensure that any advise, recommendation or information it may give is accurate, no liability or responsibility of any kind (including liability for negligence) is accepted in this respect by the company, it’s servants or agents.